Domesticate now!

White Wolf ready to Domesticate!

Complete set:
head + gloves+ body-overalls with Linings + tail + Outdoor Feetpaws

• The realistik style costume digitigrade.
• Head: Resin base Head: plastic base, inside pasting by fleece + 1 zipper.
• Head size – adjustable ratchet (53-56 cm along the line the forehead-the back of the head).
• Ratchet on behind, you can adjust the head to make it wider or narrower.
• Cooler fan, connector for miniUSB (power cord not included).
• Mowing jaw with full jawset.
• Led lights eyes from button (red led color).
• Realistic eyes from epoxy (yellow color).
• Say “howl” skill.
• Sound module (powered from LED & fan): 4 buttoms, 4 sounds.
• Tongue plastic.
• Teeth hard, from plastic.
• Removable digitigrade paddings with coves.
• Body Zip: at the breast of body, of the overalls, the “tongue” of the zip – is outward of fursuit.
• Overalls (body): double seam, inside sewn elastic band for small size adjustment.
• Feetpaws outdoor (foam + sneakers + VytaFlex pawpads): see size on size map!
• Lower legs are fastened with hidden zip in bobysuit.
• Gloves: 5 fingers, silicone pawPads.
• Tail on the strap, the holes for the strap on suit.
• Body is made for someone 5’1″ to 6’1″

The character is sale to all rights without restrictions and 1 reference.

Made by ArvinsLair